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Letter: Aunts' comments make more sense to him now, he says

TO THE EDITOR: With all the happenings of the world, good or bad, I thought I would share two and only two comments my two aunts made to me in my 61 years.

Trudy and I were only married a few months back in the early '70s when, at a wedding we were attending, my Aunt Evelyn (Uncle Albert's wife) and Aunt Evelyn (Uncle Frankie's wife) motioned for me to sit down between them. Being respectful of my aunts, I obliged.

Then they started on me, out of the blue. Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Frankie's wife, made a point to inform me that no matter how many beers Uncle Frankie had, he would still drop to his knees and say a prayer at night. As soon as she finished, Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Albert's wife, insisted that you make a point to tell your kids you love them, especially the boys.

At that point, they got up and walked away. To this day, I have no idea what brought that about, but the older I get, the more sense it makes.

I guess the moral of the story is, worry less what is taking place in "the" world and more what is taking place in "your" world.