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Letter: They ask trees not be harmed, certainly without public input

TO THE EDITOR: It is to our understanding the Pierce County Building Committee wants to cut down the landmark Northern Red Oak trees in front of the historical Pierce County Courthouse we believe were planted when the courthouse was built.

It is also in the plans to remove the retaining wall because the committee claims it is a safety issue.

The building committee has denied a public meeting with regard to the tree removal issue. To our knowledge, they do not have any drawings or actual bids on what it is going to cost. A question to ask here is whether a private project should be subject to any taxpayer expense?

David Culver, Bay City, attended the last building committee meeting and will evaluate the issues here as they exist. With an outside source of knowledgeable data, an independent opinion can be made with regard to the welfare of the trees. We need public discussion with regard to our landmark oak trees that have a value in excess of $30,000 each.

A Veterans Memorial is being designed by our local veterans and may potentially be built on the courthouse grounds. It is not our objective to delay plans; however, the existing trees do not need to be harmed and certainly shouldn't without public input.

We need to inspire future generations to plant, maintain and nurture trees for the health and well-being of our community rather than just cut them down with only building committee input on this. Once they are cut, they are gone forever.

May 14 at 4 p.m. is the next building committee meeting on the tree removal issue. The public needs to be present.

Building committee members are: Dan Reis, Jerry Kosin, Ron Bartels, Scott Bjork and Ken Snow.