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Letter: He wonders if federal agents will replace county sheriffs

TO THE EDITOR: Ron Trowbridge, the undersheriff of Prowers County, Colo., alleged in an email a Colorado state police training session encouraged law enforcement officials to look at Bible-believing Christians with intense skepticism.

Trooper Joe Kluczynski instructed 20 officers on the sovereign citizen movement and warned it included "people who believe America was founded on godly principles," "Christians who take the Bible literally" and "fundamentalists." The undersheriff demonstrated integrity and the trainer went to work for Homeland Security.

A survey of 15,000 law enforcement personnel, by PoliceOne, showed law enforcement overwhelmingly opposed Obama's gun control proposals. On the question addressing the Newtown shootings, 80 percent of respondents said casualties would have been reduced if citizens were armed. Obama unashamedly exploited Newtown parents, caring more about advancing his own agenda.

According to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, there are 17 state police associations and over 430 sheriffs who said "No" to Obama gun control. I found three from Wisconsin (not Pierce County). Our county sheriff has been in demand for other projects lately, like playing the part of the "good cop" in the "Good Cop - Bad Cop" presentation for the Ad Hoc committee, proposing a more affordable jail remodel, that met none of the crucial criteria.

A military veterans group, Oathkeepers, reported on a "federal framework" being set up to arrest sheriffs who took a stand for the 2nd amendment. A movement to protect sheriffs, called Sheriffs First, crafted legislation to make it illegal for a federal officer to arrest, search or seize within the state, without first having advanced written permission from the county sheriff, who is the chief law enforcement officer of a county.

The county sheriff is the elected official who is most responsible for protecting your individual rights. With all government being centralized, will federal agents replace county sheriffs?