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Letter: Protect beautiful court house lawn, save oak trees, he says

TO THE EDITOR: When I became aware the Pierce County Building Committee was spending a huge sum of taxpayers' money to renovate the court house front lawn, whereby removing the two large 100-year-old oak trees, I decided to find out the facts at the next meeting.

It appears there was very little publicity, as few citizens knew about this action to be voted on.

Because of the opposition to this action item, the committee tabled until this April 23 meeting. I commend the committee wanting more info before making a decision.

At the last meeting, more concerned citizens attended to express their opinions on saving our historic trees. It became evident there could be alternatives to protect those trees.

The committee again tabled the decision until the next meeting at the county board room on May 14 at 4 p.m. This will allow the tree supporters ample time to prepare alternative plans to the committee at a reduced cost and save the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

If interested in "Saving Our Trees" and supporting the Veterans Memorial, please attend the meeting. I firmly believe when such a huge undertaking such as this, all county residents are affected, and should be made aware and informed to voice their opinions. Let's protect our beautiful court house lawn for our future generations.

A concerned citizen.