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Letter: Courthouse deserves setting of importance, natural beauty

TO THE EDITOR: The oak trees on the courthouse lawn should not be cut down because our Courthouse yard should be open and stately like the famous yards of the White House and the various State Capitols.

The stately trees are a symbol of the many years the Courthouse has wisely led Pierce County itself to its present stature and strength.

The trees are a symbol of how Pierce County was originally created as a forest that provided housing for the first settlers, fuel for their homes and income for those who migrated to this area later.

The protective shade of the trees has been the gathering point of families coming to see their sons leaving for service in WW 1, Korea and WW 2, if fortunate to welcome their homecoming.

There are many architect-designed modern office buildings with fancy yards, but a county Courthouse needs a touch of nobility, of stability, of peace, of order, of tradition, of "Class."

Why cut down the trees that provide shelter each year for all the onlookers of the high school homecoming parades each fall? The Ellsworth Home Study Club in the 1940's and '50s used to sponsor a Children Flower Parade down main street each summer. Relatives found shade under the Courthouse trees to watch the youngsters with their bikes and wagons decorated with flowers as they marched past the Courthouse back to their school.

The trees are symbols of stability, steady growth, of permanent strength yesterday, today and tomorrow, just like Pierce County.

Pierce County Courthouse deserves a setting of importance and natural beauty.

As a resident in Ellsworth for 72 years, I have been pleased by the decisons of the Pierce County Board, and proud of our well-maintained county Courthouse and setting.

Save our Courthouse trees.