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Letter: Organize group, take over courthouse yard, put up community's want, he says

TO THE EDITOR: The stately trees that graced our courthouse have been taken down.

Many of you asked the powers that be not to destroy them and hold a public meeting to address the issue. It fell on deaf ears.

The injunction filed by someone was denied by the judge whom you elected to protect your constitutional rights. We are supposed to have a government by the people and for the people. The courthouse belongs to us the people, not government.

Is someone going to form a fact-finding committee and hire a lawyer to help us investigate this issue? Lawyers love to earn money. If we don't take action, our elected officials will continue to do what we don't want them to do.

Those trees could have been trimmed and fertilized by someone in the horticulture department located in the extension building. In fact, they should have been maintained on a continuous basis. Now, they are going to waste our money to put up something in front of our courthouse that we don't want.

Let us also organize a group of concerned citizens and take over the front yard of our courthouse, and put up what the community wants. I assume it will be oak trees. The Herald could put a survey on their website and print it in the paper asking Pierce County residents to give their input.

Government answers to us. We employ them and pay them. What say ye all?