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Letter: He hopes judge declares mistrial in Rowan's case

TO THE EDITOR: I appreciate you presenting the three candidates for the position of Pierce County Judge in your Feb. 3 edition.

Hopefully, the next judge will not last 25 years like Judge Robert Wing. A reputation such as Judge Robert Wing has been very hard on a lot of the citizens of Pierce County and other counties where he looked out for his associates and ruled in favor of their corruption many times.

On Feb. 18, the Pierce County Circuit Court under the direction of Judge Ramona Gonzalez of La Crosse County will decide the fate of Tally A. Rowan, who was convicted of making threats to both Judge Robert Wing and Judge James Duvall of Pepin County.

According to your paper, Miss Rowan had no defense attorney, all charges were brought by Pierce County employees and Pierce County Jail inmates, along with Judge Wing's and Judge Duvall's witness stand testimony.

Hopefully, Judge Gonzalez is fair and impartial, and declares a mistrial.