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Letter: Pesky details important in discerning reality and fantasy, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Bush, who said "Read my lips, no new taxes," embraced the environment including ideas from project 88.

He was trailing Gov. Dukakis in the presidential race. Dukakis allowed garbage dumping off the New Jersey coast and Boston Harbor was polluted.

Project 88 was a step into fantasy. It addressed six environmental goals.

1) Global air pollution including greenhouse gasses and ozone depletion. (The fantasy.)

2) Air quality issues, including acid rain, local air quality and indoor radon.

3) Energy policy and the environment, including energy security and alternatives to fossil fuel.

4) Federal water policy, including water quality, supply and allocation.

5) Public land management and other land use issues, including wetland conservation. (Oberstar's fantasy to take over all private lands containing rain mud puddles and backyard streams.)

6) Solid and hazardous waste management including reducing toxic substances.

The EPA had given tradable allowances to refineries during the phase-out of lead gasoline and had experimented with pollution offsets under which power plants could exceed emissions targets at individual smokestacks as long as total emissions declined. This mechanism of market incentives to reduce pollution, which included tradable permits which set an overall pollution maximum, was the core mechanism of project 88.

However, now a step was being taken into fantasy: the labeling of CO2 as a pollutant, the game of creating green jobs and a false industry for collecting carbon credits by implementing the cap and trade mechanisms by governmental tyranny.

Those pesky details are important, Mr. Gaslin, in discerning reality and fantasy. By omitting them, you blended reality and fantasy. Your worship should be to the Creator Jesus Christ and not His creation. The environment is the god of the environmentalist and his religion is environmentalism, where man is evil and must be eradicated at all costs.

Continued later.