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Letter: Maybe parochial or private school could help kids with drinking problem, he says


NAMI News:

An I.O.O.U. presentation was held at Kinni Falls halfway house in River Falls.

C.I.T. was discussed at the business meeting and a committee member was set up for that. Support group will be at 6:30 p.m. at Luther Memorial Church in River Falls on Thursday, the 25th.

If you are struggling with a mental illness, or a friend or family member of one, check it out. It can be an educational experience. The next business meeting is at the River Falls library on the 25th at 4:30 p.m.

Political commentary: I am glad that, in Wisconsin, the people who support the Packers pay for the stadium.

Appreciation goes to Harlen for telling about the state aids available for parents with children who would like a school choice. According to state statistics, 25 percent of middle school children have a drinking problem. Maybe a parochial or private school could help some of these children.

Part of the solution is learning about a higher power (20 years of 12 step programs). In the public school, Jesus can’t be taught or discussed, but not so in private school. This is definitely a good choice, especially for lower income families. Maybe this would be part of a solution to legal and illegal drug abuse.

Think about it.