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Letter: Wedding party got in on fire department water fights, she says


So, this happened on Saturday, Sept. 7. What can I say...the people of Prescott know how to have fun.

This story begins with a young beautiful bride named Lauren Ptacek and her sweetheart groom Zechariah Bock-”Zech” for short. They had a beautiful, modest Catholic Church wedding at St. Joseph’s.

This week, we have had numerous events in our small town. Prescott’s version of sort of a fair was going on.

So, being that the groom was good friends with the fire marshal, it made sense the wedding party would stop by there for a drink and check out the festivities. Saturday was a pretty hot day; the temperature was 94 degrees with a heat index of about 104. The bride and her bridesmaids thought it would be fun to stand near the water fights to get a little sprinkle on them to cool off. What a cute photo.

Then the fire marshal invited them to join in the competition. The bride was concerned about butting in line in front of all of the other people who had been waiting. They politely declined the offer, so as not to be rude to the other people.

Then the fire marshal got it all set up for them, and insisted they give it a try. The crowd got excited and cheered. They did it. It was amazing. Of course, they got soaked, but it was so fun they really did not care.

It was so hot they were almost dry by the time we got to the reception.

Congratulations, Lauren and Zech. I can’t appreciate you enough for choosing me to photograph your wedding. Your wedding party was so fun. I will never forget your incredible wedding day story.

Photos are available and can be previewed here: