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Cousins...Younger and Older

From an Old Cow Belle -- Last Monday, after helping out a bit at the Adoray office in Baldwin, I visited my cousin, Esther Koosman. What a fun time we had, re-hashing things of the past and catching up on the present. We also keep in touch via e-mail, but face to face is so much more fun.

Her Grandmother, Annie, and my Grandmother, Isabelle, were sisters. There were two other sisters too, Sophie and Cornelia. Cornelia was my God Mother and Esther looks so much like her that it is like hugging my long lost Godmother, "Aunt Cornelia," again. Those sisters were Jorgensons before marriage. Isabelle married Hans Olson and they were my grandparents. Oddly, Grandma's name had a "Belle" in it, and here I am "Old Cow Belle." Esther and I have so much in common and we are almost the "Last of the Mohicans."

Our visits go by so fast, we run out of time before we run out of things to discuss.

On Friday, I had another wonderful "cousin visit." DeeDee Fletcher (Anita Olson Fletcher) lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., and comes occasionally to visit her two brothers, Don and Paul Olson, from Wisconsin. She also makes time to stop and visit me. We do keep in touch by e-mail, but again, a personal visit is so much better.

DeeDee is much younger than I, so we never spent time together as children. We are now catching up. She brings photos of her three grandchildren (on whom she dotes), her daughter Erika's children, and I drag out photos of mine.

Our lives are so different. She went on to college, worked for many years in the U.S. Postal Service, has traveled all over the world; and she is petite, young and full of pep.

In contrast, my only education was high school, and several writing correspondence courses, and a couple of writing workshops. The rest of my life was spent chasing cows and baling hay (around four children), and the "everlasting" writing obsession. I am old, heavy and kind of sedentary.

But we have grandchildren and family roots in common, and never run out of things to talk about. I love her visits.

Another thing to be Thankful for...."Kinfolk."

Thanksgiving Day is a time to count our blessings and thank the Lord for each and every one. We do have so much to be thankful for.

A very special thank you to the "Faithful Readers" (you, and the Lord, know who you are, even if I don't) for again providing Old Cow with Christmas card postage! You are beyond generous. I surely would like to give you a hug and a proper THANK YOU!

Then, I began to think about all the funny things that I am thankful for.

Like: I am thankful when visiting with someone I haven't seen in a while, that I can remember her/his name.

I am thankful when Bailey goes to the very end of her run to make her deposit on the lawn, instead of right in front of the deck where people get out of their cars.

I'm thankful when I can get through the whole night without getting up and taking a pain pill. (Not so funny, really).

I am thankful for all the humorous e mail messages that give me a good laugh!

I am thankful in the morning when I don't find any Asian beetles that have fallen down from the light fixture above the dining room table.

I am thankful when I bake a batch of cookies and don't taste a single one!