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From an old Cow Belle: Renewal

How wonderful to see the sun shining after so many days of gloom!  It felt like God had opened the windows of Heaven and let His light shine right down on us.

I looked out the window at my kind of shabby deck, and can't wait to sit out there and listen to the birds (but only after cleaning all the droppings off the deck furniture).

Last summer, I bought a gate to put at the top of the deck steps.  This summer, I am going to hang it up so Bailey can spend time out there with me and not be tied up.  Sonia offered to power wash the deck railings, so maybe I will even stain or paint them. It's been quite a while since anything has been done with it.

Maybe I will even plant tomatoes in pots like I did last summer.  When spring comes, I find myself making all kinds of summer plans.   And as the years roll on, I always find myself surprised to still be to make summertime plans.

I love spring.  I love seeing the snow melt away, making a little stream flowing in the ravine below my house.  Then, the hint of green shows up on the lawn and hillsides, promising renewal.  I like to see the miracle of growth.  It's amazing how the grass and leaves and weeds and flowers just "pop right up" when the sun warms the earth and the soft spring rains promote the growth.  It is truly a miracle.

Then too, the melting snow drifts make a field of mud outside my house.  I need to get a load of crushed rock hauled in there, so people who come don't get stuck in the mud when they come to my front door.  I do appreciate the patio blocks Sonia put at the bottom of the deck steps.  I can back my car right up close and step in and out of it without walking through the mud.

I do look forward to summer.  Maybe some summer day I can spend a day at Nugget Lake Park with Bruce and kids, have a picnic and watch them play Bocce Ball or horseshoes.  Or just sit there in a lawn chair and soak up the sun.  (As I write, it's still chilly, and soaking up the sun sounds heavenly.)

Hopefully, with the "mourning" of Lent and the reminder of the resurrection of Jesus, we too will experience a new growth of faith to carry us through the days ahead.

* * * * *

I love when Bruce has Sarina for a weekend because he lets her stay with me a part of the time.  She loves to play cards, and I do too, so we play tens, up and down the river, 21, golf, crazy eight, but we both like "gin" the best of all.

Even though Sarina had a deep spiritual side, she also has a great sense of humor, so we spend a lot of the time laughing.  I love it.

* * * * *

My cousin Esther Koosman and I e-mail each other, sometimes a couple of times a day. It's like having a friend in my "Cuckoo's Nest" corner. She too has sense of humor, and yesterday we both had a good chuckle.

I had just finished shortening three pairs of slacks, and I told her about it in an e-mail.  She answered, saying, "Wow, you must have been busy, doing all those slacks!"

As I re-read my e-mail to her, I also chuckled.  I had told her I just finished shortening 23 pairs of slacks instead of three. No wonder she thought it was a big job.

* * * *

Happy Birthday to Pearl on the 25th! 

                                                                            * * * * *

Okay, Ron, what do you find to correct?  I will be waiting to hear. I have thick hide!