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Ellsworth schools take next step in communications

Local schools take next step in communications

By Bill Kirk

A Facebook-like computer tool is enabling Ellsworth schools to improve communications among staff, students and parents.

Share Point is an internet web site on which faculty can arrange to post information of mutual interest to their peers and for their classes, according to Maggie Jungmann, a Hillcrest Elementary School kindergarten teacher. This past October, the district brought in a trainer so any staffer who wanted to learn about the site could.

"We had quite a few interested," Jungmann said Thursday, noting substitute teachers were made available while the 30-to-40 participants were in training at the high school library. Since then, groups of peer trainers have met three-to-four times to further the staff learning process, creating a universal template for convenience, she added.

"Eventually, we hope all the teachers and students in the district will take advantage of this," she said.

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