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Whodunit? EHS audience asked to solve murder

With their own take on the audience-participation murder mystery, the students of Ellsworth High School will present their version of the board game "Clue" in the hilarious play "The Eulogy of Mr. Boddy" next Thursday-Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on the EHS stage. Ticket prices include a dessert.

Utilizing the characters and story from the famous board game, this production truly allows the audience to help solve the crime with different stories and different endings every single night. The show opens with cards being drawn and placed in the solution envelopes, just like in the actual board game, and audience members will have clues and pencils to help find the murderer.

The show, however, does not take itself too seriously and the audience will most certainly have as much fun enjoying the show as the cast and crew had in creating it. Using characters from versions of the game of Clue from all over the world, the show offers numerous unusual suspects.

The show is led by the undertaker (senior Parker Johnson) and his three faithful maids (seniors Ashley Holm and Lydia Kuhl and junior Molly Schneider-Adams), as he is trying to find the murderer of Mr. Boddy. After the crime is established, the guests at the funeral, who are also the suspects in the murder, begin to arrive.

Parker Hines as Reverend Green, Kirsten Fuchs as Miss Scarlet, Marissa Monett as Mrs. Peacock, Tyler Mueller as Colonel Mustard, Matt Priest as Professor Plum, Laura Taranto as Miss Peach, Matt Solyntjes as Monsieur Brunette, Rachael Hayes as Madame Rose, Abby Vircks as Mrs. Boddy, Alea Wilbur as Heabea Corpus, and Austin Langer and Marisa Nelson as Mr. and Mrs. Slate-Grey are the seniors filling the roles as suspects in this show.

The rest of the suspects are played by junior Katie Deiss as Mrs. White and sophomore Jacob Fuchs as Sergeant Brown.

The play is directed by Ms. Shelly Moore, with stage management by junior Hope Kauffmann and sophomores Austin Wilcox and Heather Wilcox, and costume design by Ethan Hayes. Additional assistance is provided by Jaylen Pavloski, Ben Moldenhauer, Mallory Gardas and Shelby Kauffer.

The desserts are being made by the food service class under the direction of Mrs. Sara Asher, and props and artwork are being created by art students under the direction of Mrs. Kristin Hanson. Freshman Viktoria Ronning is responsible for the poster design.

The ridiculous comedy promises antics, a few mysterious murders and a whole lot of laughter. For more information about "The Eulogy of Mr. Boddy: a Clue Audience Participation Murder Mystery," visit