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Friends of Martell School bake sale Aug. 19

TOWN OF MARTELL--The Friends of the Martell School Committee will hold a garage and bake sale as a fundraiser to continue renovation work on the school buidling.

The sale will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 19, at the school in Martell. Among the items requested are household goods, plants,baked goods, dishes and toys. No clothing or electronics.

The committee is asking donors to price their donations because it simplies the work for the people doing the set-up. Donations will be accepted Friday and Saturday, Aug. 17 and 18. To arrange times, call (715) 273-6376.

Renovation update

Over the past few years, work has been done to bring the school house back to life. Cleaning both the basement of mud and other debris as well as removal of the voting booths and old fence and the gas furnace inside the building has been done, which has again made the one-room school an open and spacious room.

Flower beds have been planted around the lot to beautify the grounds and have become a really nice asset to the site.

A number of public activities like outdoor movies and fireworks shows, along with a flea market, have been held there. A new temporary sign was placed above the entry, but a recent storm damaged that. More recently, the old porch roof and posts were removed.

The old concrete porch and steps were dug out and hauled away.

Painting of the interior walls, ceiling and the front exterior was completed last fall, but three sides of the building still remain to be done.

A financial gift has permitted the new front deck to be built, which is a vast improvement in both aesthetic appearance and safety. Two exterior lights were installed, one over each other.

What remains to be done are new support beams across the center of the floor in the basement. Although the paint is on hand, funds to pay the cost of hiring the scraping, priming and painting have to be found. Finally, the main wood floors must be refinished.

Help is being asked of the Martell graduates and attendees, and whoever is willing and able to donate to completion of the work. The school can become a center for many activities like family gatherings, meetings, workshops, craft sales and other things, and it can be rented for such purposes.

If interested in contributing financially, donations can be sent to Friends of Martell Schoolhouse, W5325 780th Ave., Spring Valley, WI 54767.