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Old Cowbelle: Angels in Overalls

The vicious wrangling that we hear between the political parties and their candidates gets really tiresome. Actually, it is kind of sad. Why do they have to be that way? I think it's childish and undignified, unbefitting the highest office in the United States.

Too bad they can't all take a lesson from a group of women in North Carolina, Angels in Overalls.

When I looked on the internet to learn more, I was amazed because there were pages and pages of websites about Angels in Overalls located in dozens of locations.

The one group featured on the news consisted of a large group of women, Democrats and Republicans, working side by side, without regard to political parties, for the good of people with low incomes.

They were seen climbing on ladders, carrying roofing materials and nails, hammering away, repairing roofs, all in perfect harmony.

Another example, a group of Benedictine Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pa., is headed by Sister Florence, who ministers at Magee Women's Hospital, visiting the sick and bringing Holy Eucharist.

Sister Florence says at Magee Hospital, the Holy Rule is applied through Chapter 36, in which Christ says, "I was sick and you visited me." Ministries include spending time with patients there who are in need of encouragement, hope and love.

Sister Florence also runs her own non-profit organization, Angels in Overalls, with help from volunteers, she assists with furniture and emergency repairs, and items necessary for family living.

I wish there could be a different way of deciding who will be the leader of our country. Instead of a fair contest to win the presidency, it seems to depend on who has the most money to spend of the whole.

I do have concern for the little ones growing up, witnessing this "king of the hill" approach. But, hey, in a year or two, or less, it won't matter to me!


I wanted to write about Melanie and Nick's beautiful wedding, but didn't have a chance for her to read it first.

If I can track her down, maybe I can do it later. It was an exceptionally beautiful one. Good wishes and God Bless, Mel and Nick.


And now on to the smell of lutefisk! Our Savior's supper will happen on Thursday, Oct. 25. Be there, it's always wonderful.