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Old Cowbelle: Stuck in the Past?

For me, there are few things more pleasant than relaxing in Husband's beat up old recliner, snuggled under a warm, fleece "Eagle" throw, with two dogs curled up on their beds asleep at my feet!

"Bailey" has an overnight guest, "Rosco," Sonia's big brown Boxer, and after being fed, running around outside for a while, both are hunkered down for a nap. And I have finished my little "chores" so I can watch

"The View."

It's a gray, cloudy day with the promise of rain later, and I don't have to leave the house. I love it.

Sometimes I feel guilty, being able to live so comfortably (however frugally). I really cherish each day because I don't know how long it can last.

If I become disabled and can no longer take care of myself, I know my life will change. When that day comes, I hope care centers haven't been phased out, and that there will be an available room in one of them for me to crawl into.

For the time being, I will be grateful (one reader is now saying "there you go again"). Every day is still an adventure, learning new things on the internet, watching new and outrageous things from the presidential campaigns. Thanking the Lord for giving me a weird sense of humor (especially) now during those campaigns.

The political issues really do interest me, and as long as my head works somewhat, I like to keep up with it all. I wonder if I will live long enough to see who will preside in the White House.

But, Oh Well, God is the Ruler yet!


The older I grow, the more I realize that old folks really do get "stuck in the past."

I do, I get stuck doing the same things I used to do 30 years ago, when life was busier, people came and went in our house, especially on the weekends.

I still have the idea that Saturdays are for putting clean linens on the bed, cleaning the house, baking stuff for company on Sunday or unexpected "drop ins."

In today's world, I don't have a lot of company, but I still think I should bake something on Saturday.

So Saturday, I put clean sheets on, cleaned the house (a little) and baked a German chocolate cake with the gooey topping. Now that I look at it, it is almost toooo sweet for me. So I am trying to give it away. Why won't I ever learn?


Again, thank you "Faithful Readers" for the gift of holiday postage stamps. They are such interesting ones, depicting an aerial view of different industries, like agriculture, lumber, cranberry business,

I do wonder who you are? And how many years you have done this? You are awesome! I hope, before I "kick off," I will be able to do something nice for you in return. My sincere thanks!