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Old Cowbelle: The end of things?

I and many other readers are going to miss Sunnyside News and West El Paso News, by Marion and Bev.

For those of us who have read the Herald for over 60 years, we know how long ago they began. Marion's was written by her mother, Mabel Lien, under a different heading known as Lawton News. When Marion took over from her mother, she re-named it Sunnyside News. Marion taught at the former Sunnyside School for 17 years (also at Prairie View for four years).

Bev also took over from her mother, Hazel Odalen, who wrote those West El Paso News for many years.

So many of us have always looked forward to those homey, informative news items. Especially we older folks, who have enjoyed it for so long. They will be sorely missed.

I see the handwriting on the wall and wonder when I will be also dismissed. (Or if I decide to hang it up.)

These past 42 years have been fun for me. Notes From An Old Cow Belle first appeared in a supplement of the Red Wing Republican Eagle, "The Country Edition," and stayed there for about three years, until the supplement was discontinued. From then on, the Old Cow has been happily chewing her cud in the Pierce County Herald.

I have had the pleasure of knowing many readers that I would never have known otherwise and am very thankful for it all.

Whatever will be, will be!

* * * * * ***


So many, many years ago

a Mother watched her Son;

as he played just like the other boys,

laughing and having fun!

I wonder what that Mother felt

knowing what she knew;

That her Son would suffer horribly,

and die for you and you and you.

The pain she must have felt that day,

as He hung upon the cross,

had to be greater than the pain we feel

no matter what our loss!

Mothers, down through the ages,

still suffer for their own,

but we know they are really God's children,

only given to us on loan.

Just like Mary of Bethlehem,

we have to let them go;

and trust in God to keep them safe.

We just love them, and tell them so!

Copyright--from Laugh a Little, Cry a Little.