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TV live in Plum City -- sort of

Antique Appraiser Mark Moran (Submitted photo)

By Jacquie Pooler

Library Director

PLUM CITY--The place for antique lovers was at 611 Main St. Wednesday night when the Plum City Public Library hosted its own version of the wildly popular PBS-TV series, “Antiques Roadshow.”

The main attraction, of course, was professional Antique Appraiser Mark Moran. He was there giving his expert opinion on the beautiful and priceless pieces Plum City residents hold dear.

Though there were no diamonds in the rough, many closely loved pieces were exhibited and oohed and aahed over, including many glass pieces, as well as a prized and much loved rocking horse.

The highest appraisal value came later in the evening, when a solid gold coin was presented for appraisal. Though coins are not Moran’s specialty, he was able to give a minimum value to the coin of at least $5,000.

Those who may have missed seeing all these beautiful and much loved items should mark their calendars for Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, when the expert appraiser will make a return visit. If unable to wait that long, go to for other potential appraisal dates and times on Moran’s calendar.

The library’s calendar on the website not only shows potential adult programs like Mark Moran, it also shows when the next program will be available for smaller Plum City residents. Story time will again start in September. The first program will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 6:30 p.m. Lori and Jacquie have all kinds of fun activities and great stories planned. The story time programs will continue on Wednesday nights through Oct. 23, so come join all the fun.

Although not for smaller patrons, the library will host a program on a special day and time. On Monday, Oct. 7, former FBI profiler Dan Craft will visit Plum City to talk about his profession and the personal experiences as an expert in the field. Though we are normally closed that day, the library will open up for this very unusual and intriguing presenter at 7 p.m., so come hear about what most of us have only experienced through the movies.

Finally, last but not least, the library’s Pageturners will host their monthly meeting to discuss the latest good read, “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. The usual meeting takes place on the last Wednesday of the month in the library building; however, due to story time, the tentative program will be held at The Chef Shack in Bay City on Thursday, Sept. 24, for the restaurant’s special pizza night. New members are always welcome and we even get around to discussing the book before we go off on discussion tangents.

So come to the library for informative and just plain interesting programs!