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2014 Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival Medallion Clues

The Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival committee released Thursday morning its fourth clue for the Cheese Curd Medallion Hunt. 

Searchers will compete for 200 Ellsworth dollars and will need to show their festival button. 

Clue #1                                                                                   


Welcome to the Big Cheesy” we say with a smile,                  

Grab some fresh dairy, and let’s chat for a while.                       

The Official Cheese Curd Capital of our fair state,                    

Will again throw a great party, so please don’t be late.   

We will kick off the fun with a hunt of some sort,                       

Beads are optional, we are happy to report.                              

A Benjamin or two will be placed in your hand,          

If you find the medallion on non-private land.                

Clue #2


Three on three buckets at the Creamery lot,

Is the newest event and should be quite hot.

“Stilletto” will play and so will “So Big,”

If you care to come out and dance a little jig.

Curb your enthusiasm might be a hint,

Look nearby and you’ll find the mint.

Which way to go might be confusing,

We hope these clues are sometimes amusing.

Clue #3


On the main stage, where it deserves to be,

Is the coup de grâce, for the world to see.

The epitome of our small town fest,

Only in Ellsworth – a curd eating contest.

Not the last weekend in the month of June,

As the signs declare, it could be the ruin.

A weekend before is the true date,

These clues, well read, could deliver your fate.

Clue #4

Those long in the tooth often say with a smile,

“Tanya Tucker sang here,” but it’s been awhile.

The next star is born; she also sings alone,

Don’t miss this chance to hear Brooke Thoen.          

There are a number of ways to look at this test,

 So pooling your resources would be the best.

If you join the fun of the Saturday races,

Go long to see where the hiding place is.