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Barn photo contest rules available at county fair

Entry rule sheets for the Pierce County Historical Association Barn Photo Contest will be available at the Freier School House on the county fairgrounds during the Pierce County Fair this Thursday through Saturday.

Contest rules are:

  • Barns must be wooden structures, not steel pole barns.
  • Barns must be found in Pierce County. Do not trespass on private land--get owner permission if needed--explain what's being done.
  • Barn must be identified by street/avenue/fire number and town location.
  • Photos can be black-and-white or color, up to 8-by-10 inch size; prefer 4-by-6.
  • Must be labelled on back of each photo as to location, using form in box, not written on the picture itself.
  • No age limit or qualifications or residency required. Professional or amateur entries are all welcome. Try to stay within own town of residence.
  • All are welcome to participate.
  • Use the form to register and identify each photo.
  • Photos of barns no longer standing can be entered if they have been gone for two years or less.
  • Use of any type of camera is permitted, digital or regular film, but photos must be prints, not on CDs.
  • Entries due by March 2010: Bring to the PCHA office at the Village Hall in Ellsworth on Monday, Thursday or Friday afternoon, 1-4 p.m. Or mail to: PCHA, P.O. Box 148, Ellsworth, Wisconsin 54011.
  • Enter as many different barn photos as desired.
  • Make a copy of the form to attach to each photo.

On the form, include own name, address, phone number; for location of barn, fire number, town in county, address, if available, and taken, when.

Or use a 3-by-5 note card.