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Local actors in Stagehands' production

Spring Valley Stagehands' production of "Les Mis School Edition." -- Submitted photo

SPRING VALLEY--Ethan and Kyra Hayes, Kelsey Betthauser and Parker Johnson have been cast in the Spring Valley Stagehands' summer musical "Les Mis School Edition."

All are students in the Ellsworth school system, with Parker graduating in May of 2012. Ethan and Kelsey performed with the Stagehands in last summer's production of "Footloose," while Kyra and Parker are new to the Spring Valley stage.

Parker is not new to the theatre, however, as he has been cast in numerous Ellsworth High School productions. "Les Mis School Edition" is an adaptation of the wildly popular Broadway production of "Les Miserables." All the music and scenes are intact, but have been condensed into a shorter, crisper running time.

The show is directed by Gary Lukes and Terry Bowen. Les Mis is the powerful story of one man's journey (Jean Valjean) to rectify unlawful decisions he made as a youth. He pays his debt to society and then begins his story of redemption.

He remakes himself into a man of integrity and honor, although his steps are not easy ones. Throughout his journey, he encounters road blocks, both physical and emotional, that must be overcome. He chooses a path that, when finished, he can look back upon, satisfied his goals have been met. He establishes a legacy of love and perseverance that will not soon be forgotten by all those he has encountered.

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