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Prescott Foundation awards $10,000 grant to Friends of Freedom Park

Pictured receiving the grant check is Jessica Bierbrauer, Executive Director for the Friends of Freedom Park. Prescott Foundation directors present are from left to right: Mike Hunter, Dar Hovel, Donna Most, Rick Allen, Joy Ptacek, Gary Mitchell, Mike Pepin, and Yvonne Zarnstorff

The Board of Directors of the Prescott Foundation has awarded a grant of $10,000 to The Friends of Freedom Park, Inc, the non-profit organization whose mission is to support the operations and educational programs of the Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center (GRRVLC) at Freedom Park.

Jessica Bierbrauer, Executive Director at the Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center believes the “continued support from the Prescott Foundation is a keystone essential to the success of the educational programs and outreach of the GRRVLC at Freedom Park.  With continued support in 2014, we will make additional gains having widespread social impact in Prescott and the region.  The awarded grant supports the growth of our high-quality educational programs and exciting new and developing programs will allow us to keep these programs low-cost and accessible to all community members.” 

The Prescott Foundation and the Great River Road Visitor and Learning Center at Freedom Park have a long and storied history, based in partnership, that have significantly improved the health and quality of life for Prescott residents since the GRRVLC opened its doors in May 2006.  Then, community members worked hard to create and maintain this very special place.  Today, community members continue to drive growth in exceptional experiences at the GRRVLC: knowledgeable local volunteers provide a hearty welcome to residents and the nearly 16,000 visitors from across the country and globe hosted each year.  Volunteers also provide critical support for operations and programming in excess of 3,000 hours per year (more than the equivalent of a full-time staff person).

All-new cultural and environmental education programs developed in 2014 include monthly “Make and Do Mondays!” a hybrid art, science and history program that encourages students ages 10 and up to use their artistic side to create new objects from found and recycled materials. Students follow the life cycle of products from raw materials to manufactured item to all-new remade or “upcycled” item and bring their own wonderful creations home.  Additionally, students explore historical time periods and important people who exemplify the phrase “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!” while connecting their new knowledge to current events and daily life.

A new naturalist-guided hiking program called “Hike the Confluence” features some of the Great Rivers Confluence region’s best kept hiking secrets, such as Magee Park in Prescott, WI.  These hikes encourage the public to see and enjoy the scenic beauty in their own backyard while improving their health through physical activity.  Additional details on new programs to be unveiled during the second half of 2014 can be found on the GRRVLC website