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Old Cowbelle: Excuses, Be Gone! Wayne Dyer

Some days, it takes a bit more effort to shrug off depression, when my head thinks I'm still 40, but everything else yells "85 AND COUNTING!"

I agree with Dr. Wayne Dyer that "attitude makes all the difference."

If I wake up in the morning and say to myself, "What a dismal day this promises to be"...more than likely it will be!

But, if I say to myself (as I creak and groan and stumble out of bed), "This is the day that the Lord has made; LORD, HELP ME TO REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT"; and when I try, it usually turns out to be a pretty good day. (Pollyanna)

Once in a while, I forget and start whining to hips hurt, my knees hurt, my legs hurt, my feet hurt....whine, whine whine. When I get down to the feet part, I stop to think..."well, my pain is nothing like having spikes pounded through my feet, hands, wrists." Somehow, my pain lessens a bit.

So we have to lighten up and find ways to change the attitude. Little things can make a big difference in outlook. Today, I put a new screen saver on my computer that gives me a lift. I removed the kind of sad orange fall scene and ushered in SPRING.

The background has a bright blue sky with a few wispy white clouds, and over it all are long stemmed, big beautiful bright yellow tulips! They jump right out at me every time I turn on the computer. I love it!

* * * * * *

Humor helps, too. It did yesterday when Sonia helped me clean the top row of shelves in the bathroom cupboards. I don't dare climb on a step ladder, so she was kind enough to do that part. Those things have been living up there for about 30 years. She stood on the ladder and took things out and handed them to me, while I stood on the floor with a garbage bag.

I would turn them over and over in my hand, mentally taking a trip down memory lane, when it was given to me and why, etc., etc., trying to find a reason for putting back on the shelf (only to throw it out at a later date). Then Sonia would say, "Mom, throw it!" And I did.

I just don't have any sense when it comes to "saving things." But we did fill two big garbage bags with junk that I probably would have stashed away, but will never miss now that it is gone. Thank you, Soni, I really do appreciate it.

* * * * *

Getting back to Dr. Wayne Dyer, who is an author, teacher, philosopher, lecturer, "provides insight on how to live with contentment, gratitude and awe!" His book have been on best sellers lists again and again.

I have watched him for many years, when I could locate him on television. And way back when I first watched him, I was disappointed because he always talked about "the source" and the "light," but never really gave credit to God.

But he does today! He is a very inspirational and motivational speaker. I need to get hold of some of his books. He has a new presentation that airs in March on PBS and OWN, on the 25th in the afternoon.

* * *