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Old Cowbell: I love Christmas!

I love it, even though it’s different for me now. With so many people in our family, it’s no longer possible for me to do the gift thing.

But I do remember how fun it was to “think, think, think,” trying to choose just exactly what each one would like to receive.

Parents usually want to give the children all the things they themselves didn’t have as children. They want to give each one the very best gift they can. But they never want to give them anything that would hurt them, or would be bad for them, even if it might be something the child would like. Just because they love those children so much.

So it is with our Heavenly parent, God! He loves us (His children) so much and wants only the very best for us. He doesn’t want to give us anything that would hurt us or be bad for us…..even if sometimes we might want them.

He has already given us the Very Best Gift of all….Salvation through His Son Jesus, our reason for celebrating Christmas every year.

I hope everyone out there, preparing for Christmas, will try to relax and not get all stressed over gifts, entertaining, really enjoying the days before, during and after with friends and family.

Bless your Advent season during the days ahead!

* * * *

Having formerly been a Hospice volunteer for almost 10 years, I am so pleased and excited to learn that Adoray Home Health and Hospice has announced plans to build a Hospice House, the only one of its kind in St. Croix County.

A Hospice House is designed to care for patients with terminal illnesses, who require more care beyond what family is able to offer.

The home-like setting will be staffed 24 hours, seven days a week, by experienced and specially trained members of Adoray Hospice team.

Paula Johnson, RN, Adoray Hospice Manager, said, “It is our hope that the hospice house will be a warm and welcoming place that our patients will call home.”

For more information on the Hospice House or Adoray Home Health and Hospice, please call Paula Johnson at 715-684-5020, or email p.johnson@adoray

--Ina Murray