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Old Cowbelle: After Christmas "Let Down'?

--Ina Murray

Sometimes, after the glitter and glow of the Christmas season, there is a let down feeling…the fun is over, now I am depressed. I used to feel that way.

But now that I have “grown up,” I no longer do. I have enjoyed the feeling of anticipation and hope that fills the days before and during Christmas, but for me it continues to be filled with hope and anticipation. Why?

Because Christmas doesn’t end on Dec. 26, or ever. The joy of Jesus coming to earth as a tiny baby to grow, teach, heal, die and rise goes on. He didn’t leave us forever; instead, He sent His Spirit as our Comforter during our journey through this life, filling our lives with hope and anticipation.

The days of Advent are days of preparing for this miraculous birth; and the days of our journey through life are also days of preparation…for either our departure to be with Him, or the day He will return, whichever comes first for us. Either way fills us with hope. It says to us “This isn’t all there is”!

This journey is going by so fast, although when I was young I didn’t realize that. The New Year (thank You, Lord, it came once more for me), hopefully, will be a time for healing old wounds, forgiving old grievances, renewing old friendships, appreciating another chance to be a kinder, more considerate person, being more willing to share our faith in the Lord, as He has asked us to do.

I recently watched on TV a movie “Tuesdays With Morrie” about the friendship between a young man and an old man who was dying. The old man shared so much wisdom for the young man to pass on, it made me wish that I had such wisdom to pass on to my young friends. Alas, I am still learning.

But this New Year, any resolutions I make will not include trying to lose weight (futile anyway), or avoiding chocolate or apple pie ala mode. Instead, I will resolve to soak up any wisdom that comes my way either by reading or listening or visiting with “wiser people,” in an effort to make me a better person.