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Cow Belle: Food Odors ... and Winter

How can some foods that taste so good...smell so bad?  Like sauerkraut and lutefisk and others.

One day I boiled two eggs for my lunch. When I mashed them up and put some chopped onions in it…whew!  Then to make matters worse, I steamed some cauliflower in the microwave.  The kitchen smell was pretty bad!

I really hoped no one would stop in to visit.  Thank goodness, no one did.

But it sure tasted good.

* * * * *

On the subject of food, I had the fun of grilling a hamburger over the big central fire pit at the Rush River Trail Riders Snowmobile clubhouse last Sunday. I think it was the best burger I’ve had in a long time.

It was kind of like a trip down memory lane for me.  Waaaay back there, when Husband and I spent a lot of time on snowmobiles, we belonged to the club and would work there a weekend when our turn came. We both loved it.  It is a good place for friends and neighbors to meet and enjoy time together.  Even meet some new friends.

I was there last summer when Dusty’s graduation open house was held there (a wonderful place for that!), but I don’t think I’ve been down there in the winter since Husband left us, over 20 years ago.

I got kinda choked up.  Silly old woman.

* * * ** *

In a recent newscast, several senior citizens were interviewed about the winter weather, wondering if they really did have to walk to school as youngsters.

I surely identified with those people.  They too had grown up in homes with no central heat and had dressed in the morning beside a wood burning “heater.”  While dressing, you would freeze on the side away from the stove, and almost burn on the one right by it.

I think some young people don’t believe that we really did walk to school, several miles in the subzero weather back then.  My brothers and I walked three miles each way, wading through the snow across a field before reaching the road.

Back then, we girls didn’t wear long pants to keep our legs warm.  Instead, we wore long cotton stockings over long underwear.  Uff-Da!

We also wore rubber overshoes over our leather shoes.  Funny our feet didn’t freeze.  How spoiled we are today!

In the spring, when the weather became warmer, we girls would roll down our stockings, and roll up our underwear as soon as we were out of sight of our mothers’ watchful eyes.

I’m glad our children and grandchildren don’t have to live like that.  We survived, but it wasn’t fun.  I don’t think youngsters of today believe we really did those things. But we did!

* * * * *

I have an old amaryllis plant that goes back farther than I do.  Not the whole plant, but some of the roots do.

It is a part of my mother’s plant that she had as long as I can remember.  She got it from her mother, my grandmother Serene Steen; and I don’t know how long she had it.

I can’t believe I have kept it alive this long!

But today when I watered it, I do believe it’s on its way out.  I did divide it some months ago and it thrived, but today it looks pathetic.  It has dwindled down to about a dozen skinny leaves.

The poor thing is trying to do a good deed before it passes on.  There are two long skinny stems with buds on the ends reaching toward the South window.  I wonder if they will make it into full bloom?

* * * ** **

A lot of “stuff” going on in our family this month.  Besides Ella’s birthday on the 1st, Chloe’s on the 2nd, Brien’s on the 10th (?), Sonia and Kay’s on the 22nd, Melanie on the 26th, and Diane’s on the 28th.  Also two anniversaries, Beth and Pat’s on the 16th and Sandy and Terry’s on the 14th.

-- Ina Murray