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PCHA asks records of military be shared

Pierce County Historical Association (PCHA) members wonder if the public is aware of the following:

--One Pierce County veteran was a body guard for General Pershing?

--One Pierce County soldier was sent to Northern Russia to help train the troops for Czar Nicholas to fight the Bolsheviks?

--A Pierce County man was a P.O.W. (for a few weeks) of the Germans in 1918 before the Armistice was signed?

--A long time public servant on the county level was a Civil War prisoner of the Confederacy, held at Libby Prison and Danville Prison?

--Nine hundred men from Pierce County were in the military during World War I?

--A number of Martell Township sons were pilots/aces in the Pacific Theatre in World War II?

--One Spring Valley son survived Pearl Harbor by swimming out under the flames from his destroyed ship?

--A few men survived the Bataan Death March that were from our county?

--One man stood beside General MacArthur when ("I Shall Return") stepped ashore in the Philippines in 1944?

--One woman, born in Illinois, but she married a man from our county, was an Ensign in the Navy, a nurse at the base in Norfolk, Va., during World War I?

--Over 400 men from Pierce County served in the Civil War?

--A book called “Pierce County in the World War” was printed September 1919, in Red Wing, with photos and service details about men from the county, 160 pages long?

--Quite a few families sent from 3-5 sons to serve in the military, quite a few did this in World War II?

--A number of doctors from the county served in the medical corps and did become doctors later?

--A few men were attached to hospitals for animals/horses in World War I?

--Several men from the county went to cooking school/baking school, in World War I? Imagine a farm boy becoming a baker?

--Several World War I soldiers from here received the Croix De Guerre, the French equivalent to the U.S. Medal of Honor, in World War I?

All of the above and many more things are based on information found in a wide variety of resources--books, obituaries, war records and others.

However, the PCHA fully realizes its limitations. The residents of Pierce County (whose forefathers and current generation progeny served) must share their story. Records of these military participants must be shared and are needed. The volunteers working on this project really need help. So, please donate the facts about any service personnel.

None of these people deserve to be forgotten or overlooked.

The PCHA office--open Mondays and Thursdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.--is located in Ellsworth across the street from the courthouse, between Quinn's garage and the Dairy Queen.