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RF Medical Clinic changes name and approach to care

Shown next to the new Vibrant Health banner, from left, are doctors Carrie Torgersen and Rita Raverty. Torgersen and Raverty helped lead marketing efforts for the rebrand. (River Falls Journal photo by Niki Hovatter)

On July 14 the River Falls Medical Clinic will undergo major changes when it’s “rebranded” as a part of Vibrant Health Clinics.

Clinics in River Falls, Ellsworth, and Spring Valley are all part of the same company. The name change will apply to each of those sites.

The clinics will have new signs, logos, colors and websites. The overall approach to care will also change.

“We changed our name to better reflect how we want our patients to feel,” said Samantha Bluhm, marketing director for the clinics. “We want you to feel vibrant, whatever that looks like for you. That means energy, that means health, that means vitality.”

The campaign’s goal is to give patients a greater sense of comfort.

“They do not want to feel segmented,” said Bluhm. “They want to feel nurtured, feel the teamwork. They’re really looking for the experience.”

A committee of employees at River Falls, Ellsworth and Spring Valley locations planned the rebrand after surveying patients about their needs.

Survey results, conducted by Go East marketing agency, show patients value personal ties to doctors.

“What came from that is that the people who are out there making health care decisions really want a partner for wellness,” said Bluhm. “They don’t want to just be treated for illness or disease. They want someone to help them be well, healthy. They want a partner.”

For more please read the July 16 print version of the Herald.