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Artist, teacher, world traveler heads Plum City church

Artist, teacher, world traveler heads PC church

By Bill Kirk

PLUM CITY--He's gone from rural Western Wisconsin to around the world--ministering, teaching and sharing his artwork with church leaders as well as their communities.

Now, Father Paul Czerwonka is back, heading the congregations of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Plum City and St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Arkansaw. The two churches combined upon his arrival, after St. Joseph's had previously been with St. Henry's Catholic Church of Eau Galle.

For someone who's spent much of his life in distant lands, including Italy and Belgium, plus larger places closer to home, such as La Crosse and Chippewa Falls, the smaller setting has represented a change to him. St. John's has a membership of between 250 and 300, while St. Joseph's numbers 179.

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