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Top rated musicians

Plum City Middle School musicians went to Pepin on Feb. 20 to compete in the Dunn-St. Croix South annual Solo and Ensemble contest. The students competed in vocal and instrumental events. Out of 29 musical events, the group received 21 I's, three II's and had four critique only scores, including a I rating in a class "B" vocal ensemble.

The participants in these events were (from left to right): front row 1, Jaden Foley, Cleb Truax, Elaina Danzinger, Alex Boyer and Nacxh Gilles; row 2, Jazmin Kannel, Jessica Lee, Jillian Holt, Paige Binkowski, Rachel Redding and Hunter Schoengarth; row 3, Taylor Chilson, Megan Dahl, Alyssa Wieser, Phillip Truax, Andrew Gilles and Carlos Leija; row 4, Scot Halverson, Kortney Krueger, Rhiannon Kernstock, Cora Hinrichs, Sarah Gilles and Lexie Radle; back row, Mel Fredrickson, Megan Caturia, Emma Hutter, Kasey Krueger, Kyle Erickson, Trevor Traynor and Alyssa Simonson. (Missing from the picture are Mikayla Fruend, Tuvara Riley-Shireman and Paige Anderson). These students are under the direction of Mr. Mike Bonn. Way to go, P.C. musicians!