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Old Cowbelle: A Robin for St. Patrick's Day

I am writing this on St. Patrick's Day, and I am wearing a green sweatshirt, and my little pin, "Irish for a day." (I know, this column is a couple of weeks late, maybe because I am Norwegian?)   This morning, I looked out the window, there was a perky little robin, hopping along between the dirty snow banks.

I know some robins stay all winter, but not usually here in my area.  So it gave me a lift, knowing that spring will eventually come!

In a few days, we will be into April!  The long winter will finally be over.

I can't remember ever having snow banks this high around our yard.  But soon, everything will be green and beautiful.  The grass will grow, and the leaves will start popping out on the trees.  Flowers will bloom, and summer will be here again.

(Lawns will need mowing, and we will be complaining about the heat.  We're never satisfied). But we will enjoy most every minute of it this year.

* * * * * *

Almost everything happening in today's world is overshadowed by the tragedy in Japan.  It's overwhelming to see the power displayed by the upheaval under the surface of the earth and oceans.  How scary it must be to live there.  It's scary just watching it from afar!

When we consider the hundreds of people who were suddenly swept away to their death....doesn't it make you wonder if they were "prepared" to find themselves in their "eternal home." And which eternal home they found themselves in?  Doesn't it make us wonder if we are prepared?

In a book I just read recently, a grizzled old cowboy was asked how he always stayed so calm in the face of calamities.  He replied, "I stay close to the Lord because I want to always be ready for "quittin'" time.  I like that.

When I was young and up to my neck in "busy-ness," I didn't think a whole lot about being ready for "quttin'" time.  But those busy years flew by so fast, all of a sudden, here I am, growing close to quittin' time.  So, like that old cowboy, this grizzled old cowbelle will stay close to the Lord to be ready for quittin' time.

* * * *

Sunday, our new little great granddaughter, Ella Mae, will be baptized at Trinity Lutheran in Hammond.

And a little later the new little great grandson, Isaac Wayne, will be baptized at Our Savior's.

It makes me so happy that this new generation of parents are faithful and concerned to have their little ones baptized.