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Cow Belle: Slow Learner?

I usually watch expiration dates carefully on the food I buy, but once in a while I slip up.  The thing I hate most is buying nuts that are stale or rancid!  But it does happen sometimes.

I am a "slow learner," I guess.  I just discovered "The Nut House," or National Nut Company right here in Ellsworth.  (They've only been here 11 years). They are located east of Ingli Auto on Industrial Road.

There's no danger of buying stale or rancid nuts, since they do their own processing right there in the plant, from start to finish.   Wholesale is their main operation, but they also have a neat little "store" where you can buy every kind of nut you want.

I am amazed at the wide variety of choices available: peanuts, of course, pecans, filberts, almonds, brazils, macadamias, pistachios, sesame, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and a variety of mixed nuts.

For those of us like me, who try to avoid too much salt, these nuts can be bought either salted, roasted or unsalted.  And their line includes dried fruits of all kinds.  They also make their own snack mixes and trail mixes, like Explorer's Mix, Gourmet Trail Mix, Marathon Mix (w/chocolate), raisin trail mix, raisin craisin and nut mix.

And I bought pecans that were really fresh, didn't take my whole social security check!

* * * * * *

With the gas prices soaring, I am paying attention to all the "money saving" hints I read about filling our tanks.  Several e mails came through about it, and today on the news it was pointed out again.  I don't guarantee that it really works, but I sure am willing to try them.

It tells us to fill our tanks in the morning if possible while it is cool because the gas is denser then and you get more gas in your tank for your money.

They tell us to keep our tanks as full as possible to keep less air in it.  One source said, "pump slowly," not full speed because the force puts more air in, giving us less gas.

It also said never gas up while a supply truck is filling the underground tanks because the force of it could stir up any sediment that could be there, making your car run less efficiently.

I can't prove that any of these steps really save you money, but they make sense to me, and I'm going to try it.


May... how swiftly the months roll around!  May has always been chock-full of "occasions" in our family.  Birthdays of my two "late" brothers and Dad, on the 4th, 14th and 18th.

Present ones include Fern's on the 10th, Florence N. on the 14th, Trent's and Terri R. on the 15th, Carson's on the 17th (and our old wedding anniversary), Greg's on the 18th, Nate's, Esther K. and Blakely's on the 20th, and Shannon's on the 31st.

All this besides Mothers Day on the 5th, Lacey's high school graduation on the 27th, and Memorial Day!