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Cow Belle: To All Mothers, Everywhere

The following article was written in 1961, 50 years ago.  I ran across it while sorting old papers.

It was written years before I had begun my Old Cow Belle column, or I suppose I would have used it there, but it was written just to give to my Mom to let her know how much I loved her.

I offer this in honor of all mothers; especially those who are no longer with us.


It's hard to find the right words to express what my Mother means to me.

To say I love her encompasses all of our childhood needs that she fulfilled; the steady unwavering devotion she has shown us, the patience, the Christian way she has lived...and it still does not put into words my feelings for her.

Last May (1961), my Mother, my daughter Sandy, and I were asked to take a part in our (then) L.C.W. Mother-Daughter banquet. (Before we became WELCA.) We were asked to give a short response for each, daughter, mother, grandmother.

To say that I lack the gift of public speaking is an understatement. I quaked at the thought of facing so large a group. But, I thought, here is my chance to "tell the world" of the love I have for my Mother.

I can still feel the inadequacy I felt after I had spoken my "carefully" chosen words. It is futile to condense into one short paragraph the faith and devotion my Mother has shown through the years.

As I write, another Christmas has come and gone; again as in our childhood, we gathered on Christmas Eve and shared St. Luke's wonderful Christmas story. I am humbly grateful to my Heavenly Father that He has allowed us another Christmas with Mom in our midst.

I cherish each day and week and year that passes because I know some day I will look back and remember. (Note from Cow:  As I am doing now.)

My prayer is this: that I may strive to be as kind, as thoughtful, as forgiving, as dependent on Christ, as my Mother; so that my children one day will feel toward me as I do toward her.

And if it is God's will that she may need care and nursing or if in her old age she should become childish and hard to manage  (**As she did), may we show to her the kindness and patience she has shown us when we were childish and hard to manage.

I also pray that, across the years, past and future, Mom will have left to my children, a large portion of her kindness, strength, her sense of humor and her faith in Christ.

* * * * * *

I think she did, since all of our daughters and granddaughters are wonderful mothers, passing on their faith, their love, their humor and making wonderful memories for their little ones.