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Old Cowbelle: Contemplation

(With my apologies to those young people who may think I "dwell" too much on my advanced years. You too, will be here one day.)

I find that being almost 85 is an "odd" time of life. Knowing that most of my life here on earth is past, and not knowing how many years I have left, is sometimes kind of "weird."

I look back and try to find something...anything...worthwhile that I did during those long years past. Nothing to brag about there. I look ahead, wondering what in the world I could still do that would "make a difference." Not much there either. I sure don't make any long range plans. (Or buy any green bananas!)

I have an old poem book that includes poetry by many authors. The following one is written by Rabbi Ben Ezra, and the poem has no title. I include the first verse. There are over 30 verses in it. I think it is supposed to speak to the life partner and doesn't fit in my case, since he couldn't grow old along with me. One verse is:

"Grow old along with me.

The best (?) is yet to be;

The last of life,

For which the first was made.

Our times are in His hand

Who said, "A whole I planned,

Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid."

The one thing I get from that verse is, that in the first of my life, I got to know the Lord pretty well, so He has prepared me for whatever lies ahead in the last of life.

Once in awhile, I wonder how my last days will unfold? Sudden exit? Or a long, dragged out painful waiting period? Oh boy!

I believe that whatever happens to me (or any of us) is only as good or as bad as our reaction to it. We can either whine about it, or accept it gracefully, and be thankful for any of the good days.

I know enough not to be afraid of the years ahead, few or many. God will still be there.

Now I guess I had better stop contemplating and go do my laundry. I can still do that!

* * * * *

The summer shot by so fast, it seems like yesterday I set up my deck table and chairs, planning to spend lots of sunny days out there. There were a few, but many of them were too hot. Now it's almost time to fold it up again and put it under a tarp before the snow covers it.

But September and even into October usually brings some beautiful sunny days, with the colorful leaves to enjoy. Summer is not over until it's over! So I will enjoy whatever comes. (Incurable optimist?)

* * * * * *

One day last week, Sonia came down and gave the trees in my yard a "haircut." It looks so nice; I can see to the road. It looked like a jungle out there. She also trimmed back the enormous rose bush by the deck. Now I can go down the step and not have the bush grab me with its spikey thorns. God Bless these children.

* * * * *

Our sincere get well wishes to Florence Kline. I miss seeing her at church! We also continue our prayers of good wishes to Ralph Oltman, and Eleanor.

Our condolences to Bobby Nelson, and the Stockwell family.