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Old Cowbelle: Cursive or Printing?

I find it interesting how many young people of today "print" instead of "write."

Way back in the "dark ages," when I started school, we had "penmanship," where we first learned to make block letters, upper and lower case.

Then we would have those writing exercises where we had to make those loops over and over, and then straight lines over and over, as a prelude to writing. When we got onto it and began using that, we either "wrote" or "printed." The word "cursive" was never mentioned. (Or if it was, it flew right over my head.)

So I grew up completely oblivious to the term, cursive.

Later in life (much later), when I was in my late 30's, my ignorance was revealed for all the world to see.

I was teaching Sunday School, I think fourth or fifth grade, and I gave an assignment to the class. One student (Aaron Arneson, I wonder if he would remember), asked "Do we have to do it in cursive?

I asked him "What is cursive?" The whole class looked at each other and giggled in disbelief. I should have been embarrassed, but I laughed right along with them.

So now, 50 plus years later, my ignorance is again revealed for all the world to see.

(And only a fool would bring it up all these years later!)

* * * * * *

I believe that "Gideons International" are one of the unsung heroes of our world today. They do not seek advertisement, nor publicity, yet they quietly go on their way, doing so much good in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world.

When Husband and I made trips, usually out West, we always found a Bible in the bedside table, and I often left a note in it, thanking for it, and praying someone else would read it and grow closer to the Lord. Sometimes I left my name and address.

At one time, when Husband was in the Veterans' Hospital, I spent time in the spouse's housing nearby, I did so. And later, I found a message to meet a person in the Atrium, because of that note. It turned out to be the parents of my daughter Sonia's school friend.

How nice to know someone else had picked up that Bible and found comfort in it.

If I could do it financially, I would contribute generously to the Gideons. So I give my pittance, and remember them always in my prayers.

* * * * * * *

My sincere sympathy to the Walz, Oltman and Peterson families, in the loss of family members.