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Old Cowbelle: Books and Movies

I found a nice surprise in my mailbox yesterday; a book written by an e-mail friend from Texas.

It is a beautiful book, titled "Come Along With Me On A Journey; A Journey Through Life." by Jean Mattson. The book is a combination of poetry and inspirational observations as she takes her morning walks near their home in Waco, Tex.

Jean has traveled to China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos and Honduras, where she has been a part of a mission to deliver Bibles to the people there who have never owned one.

This is Jean's second book; the first titled "Poems From The Garden Of My Heart."

The Mattsons have five adult children and four grandchildren.

To get a copy of her books, e-mail her at:

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I no longer go to movies because I can't "sit" that long. But I do enjoy some of those on television, like Lifetime or Family Channels. I like "happily ever after" conclusion.

Sometimes I am curious about a movie that is advertised as a HUGE money maker, and wonder what the attraction is. So I research it on the internet. One of those was "The Hunger Games."

I couldn't for the life of me find what kind of "message" it carried. It sounds like a weird fantasy, with a lot of picking and choosing who would die and who would be saved from death. What could you take away from that after seeing it?

I believe that a movie should have a "message" or a "moral"; or something to take home with you. Otherwise to me they are time wasted. I suppose they are time wasted anyway.

My taste in movies has changed drastically over the years. I used to really enjoy "The Waltons," "Little House On The Prairie" and the "I Love Lucy" shows. Now, I find no fascination in them; maybe because I've seen them all...over and over and over.

I mostly watch news (which is depressing) and politics (which is even more depressing).

In the past, it seemed like I never had time to sit in front of the tube; but now when moving around has become painful, I appreciate the television more than I used to.

And as I watch the television, I also watch the dust gather!

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If there are readers out there who would enjoy being a Guideposts Prayer Volunteer, contact

If you like to "help" people, you will enjoy writing anonymous prayers for people who need them. No cost to you, except a little of your spare time. You will be blessed! I have been.

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May is full of birthdays of friends and family: 1st, Florence C.; 11th Austin; 14th Florence N; 15th, Trent, Terry R.; 17th Carson; 18th Greg; 20th Nathan, Koosie, Blakely; 31st Shannon.

Also included my late brother Bob on the 4th, my Dad on the 14th, my late brother Harvey on the 18th. And our wedding anniversary on the 17th. (65 years ago).