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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Old Cowbelle: Post Office Dilemma

Two TV channels focus on the "goings on" in the U. S. Senate and the House, and watching them gives a real "peek" into the arguments for and against the bills to be voted on. It's very interesting and enlightening. And sometimes frustrating.

Last week, one topic was about closing small town post offices. A senator from Oregon spoke about his research in his district there. I don't remember his name, nor which political party he represented. But I am sure both parties could maybe agree on that issue. He said that most of the post offices that were in danger of being phased out would make a huge impact on those small towns.

In most cases, the residents would have to drive 30 or 40 miles to the next town for the service. He said it would adversely affect any small business that depended on receiving and shipping their products. And many of the senior citizens in those towns, who received medications through the post offices, were required to pick them up personally. Or even to send a certified letter or money order would mean the extra miles and gas. I am thankful that isn't necessary here in Ellsworth.

He said that it would mean older citizens driving all those extra miles, even in winter when driving could be hazardous, besides the additional gas and time needed.

He said that in most cases, the post office was one of the most important functions in the town.

I tried to imagine what it would be like if our Ellsworth and Beldenville post offices were discontinued. We would be forced to drive to either River Falls or Hudson, or Menomonie to mail a package. Or for those who have their mailbox at the post office, it would be even worse, picking up their mail daily.

The senator said that the majority of those post office he had visited were small buildings, with low cost to maintain, but would make a huge compact on the small town.

The senator urged all citizens to write to their senators and congressperson, to let them know how important these post offices are to small towns.

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So many, many years ago

a Mother watched her Son;

as he played just like the other boys,

laughing and having fun!

I wonder what that Mother felt,

knowing what she knew;

that her Son would suffer horribly,

and die for you and you and you.

The pain she must have felt that day,

as He hung upon the cross,

had to be greater than the pain we feel

no matter what our loss!