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Old Cowbelle: Bald is beautiful!

I think it's amusing how many bald heads there are now, on television and in the world. It used to be kind an embarrassment for a man to have a bald head, and now I think many of them are actually shaving their heads to be bald. But I know some really are losing their hair.

Husband did. But he had a neat explanation for it. He said, "God made only a few perfect heads; and then He put hair on all the rest." I still miss his goofy sense of humor.

* * * * *


I am a "back seat," "back door" and also a "back pew" person. I know, weird. (Norwegian genes, perhaps?)

Every Sunday for years and years, while Husband lived, we would sit in a small "over flow" room at the rear of our church. Husband was also a "back" pew person. Because there was a speaker over the door in there, and I could then hear every word of the sermon. Although now the regular speaker system is better than it was back then.

Our friends, Florence and the late Ed Neiderhauser, always sat there too. Neither Husband or the Neiderhausers had hearing problems, but I did. Still do.

I missed that little room when later it became filled with "stuff" and the door pulled shut.

Now I noticed that the door is open, and recently learned that there is a working speaker in there. Sunday, if my knees allow me to attend church, I am heading straight to that little alcove! I am on a "high" just thinking about it. (It doesn't take much to get me excited, does it?)

Being realistic, I suppose I will find that it is "lonely" sitting in that little room now; and I'll probably scurry (scurry?, more like hobble) over to my normal back pew again. (Never satisfied!)

* * * * *

My hearing aids surely do make my life a better place. Each morning, when I let Bailey out, sometimes it is still dark. But no matter what the time of day, or even in the rain, the birds in the trees are singing loud and joyously! What a lovely way to start each day! Birdsong will always overcome grumpiness.

* * * * *

Our sincere sympathy and prayers to the family of Ron Johnson, who passed away recently.

Many years ago, Sandy had a framed wall hanging that she had embroidered. It read "Life is fragile, handle with prayer." Bit of wisdom.


So many, many years ago

a Mother watched her Son;

as he played just like the other boys,

laughing and having fun!

I wonder what that Mother felt,

knowing what she knew;

that her Son would suffer horribly,

and die for you and you and you.

The pain she must have felt that day,

as He hung upon the cross,

had to be greater than the pain we feel

no matter what our loss!

Mothers, down through the ages,

still suffer for their own,

but we know they are really God's children,

only given to us on loan.

Just like Mary of Bethlehem,

we have to let them go;

and trust in God to keep them safe.

We just love them and tell them so!

Copyright -2006 -Ina Murray, from "Laugh A Little, Cry A Little"