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Old Cowbelle: Communication

It's hard, being too sentimental, trying to express personal things to someone because then I get all choked up and want to cry! Uff-Da!

So for me, it has always been easier to put those words on paper. I have done that most of my adult life. When our children were small (and even once in a while now) I would encourage, praise, reprimand, give advice (sometimes unwanted), I would put it all down on paper.

I could convey my feelings, messages, love, without getting all choked up and weepy. And they could read it in privacy without being embarrassed by my "soul baring." I called them "Mom letters."

Occasionally, I even wrote these Mom letters to Husband. He was not at all sentimental, so by writing my thoughts, I could get my message across without watching him squirm. Usually he "got" what I was trying to express; and responded in his "way," with as few words as possible. And never in writing!

I think it's a good form of communication, when words are hard to express. Works for me. Try it!

How come God made us all so different? Especially men and women. Maybe he meant all of life to be a challenge of one kind or another.

And imagine how very boring life would be if everyone thought and acted and spoke alike! So I won't question. He knows what He's doing!



Being a "would-be writer" is often so very frustrating. Even after being "published" for years, it still has its frustrations.

Like now, three of the five books I've had published were done by a publishing company I found online. It was fine, cheap and I was mostly satisfied with the job they did. Now they are offering me my books at a very low price, and I would like to buy some that I am out of here at home. But these prices are for 'online' orders only, with payment by credit cards. I don't use one, don't have one, don't want one!

Or I am offered to buy back my "rights" to the books, for a healthy price. But these same books still appear for sale on websites here in the United States, and also abroad, quoting really high prices (like $17) for my skinny little books.

I have inquired to the publishing house if I should be receiving the promised royalties, my reply is that none were sold in recent months. So why are they still listed, even reporting how many "new" and how many "used" there are in stock?

I would never recommend using an "online" publisher to a new author.

Once in a while, I check those sites and there I see Husband, standing on a rocky ledge in Yellowstone, on the cover of "Husband, And Other Humorous Things," and I see Sarina, with the late afternoon rays of sunshine glowing behind her, on the cover of "Sarina's New Life." Or I see "Big Mama," our long-ago cow on the cover of "Older Than Dirt, etc."

Frustrating, yes, but for me these books have served their purpose, giving me the satisfaction of reaching my long ago dream: to have a book published. I only pray that whoever in this world reads those books may get a chuckle, and somehow be brought closer to the Lord through them.

That was my intent when putting those words on paper.