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Old Cowbelle: Time ... What do we do with it?

Sometimes, in the early evening, when I sit idly on the wooden porch swing, enjoying the "peace" and the glorious sunset...praying some, looking at all the things God has made, the trees and flowers surrounding me...I try not to feel guilty, for wasting time.

"Time" is such an elusive commodity. It is really a wonderful gift to each of us and how we spend it is quite a responsibility.

We all have been given the exact amount of time: 24 hours each day, seven days a week, 28-31 days each month, 365 days each year.

Isn't it funny how we try to cram into those 24, more activities and tasks than really fit within those hours? And then we whine about being too busy.

Often, it can't be helped. In order to survive, some people work two jobs and then try to catch up with things at home after those working hours. That was kind of how my younger days were spent. (Not working two jobs), but ask any farmer's wife and she will tell you "there aren't enough hours in a day to get it all done."

Now that those days are over for me, I look back on it all, wishing I would have spent more of those precious hours just playing without small children. It seemed we just hurried through life. Busy, busy. I am surprised that they turned out to be decent people!

Maybe that's why I feel guilty just "sitting on the porch swing," wishing I could hand over a few of my extra hours to our busy, busy children. I like to hear when the young folks have taken a day or a weekend or a week for rest and vacation time. Those little interludes are restorers of body and soul.

Like my little moments on the porch really isn't time wasted. It restores my soul.

* * * * *

Source Unknown... You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer the list, the smaller your God. The shorter your list, the bigger your God.

* * * * *

God willing, I am going to spend the weekend at the cabin with Bruce, Sarina, Dusty and Chloe. I always think maybe this will be the last time. I get to be more of a nuisance each time I go. I wonder where Bruce got his patience. But one more time, maybe?

I love the long ride, but the knees and bathroom issues make it more inconvenient for the driver! This time, I will not be taking Bailey along. Beth is patient enough to keep her for the weekend, making it a little easier. A huge thank you to Beth! Dusty has always been so good to do whatever Bailey needed, like letting her out on a long leash. We didn't dare let her run there or she might disappear into the woods and get lost. Those kids are so good to me.

I really do enjoy sitting on the deck in one of the church pews Bruce bought when Our Saviors was selling some of those old short ones. The deck looks out over the woods and sometimes we see deer and occasionally a bear or two. I get the same peaceful feeling I have while sitting in my porch swing at home!

In past years before I got so old, I used to take a turn on a four-wheeler through the wooded trails.

And there's always time for a game or two (or three or four or more) of gin with Sarina or Dusty! It's like a mini-retreat.

If this trip happens to be the last time for me, I am so thankful for the many years I have been able to be there. Thanks, Bruce and family.

* * * *

I get a chuckle out of the "World Poetry Movement Contest" and their devious way of making money on it. They tell me less than two out of every hundred poems submitted "make it" into the yearly volume. This year, my "85 and Counting" made it. The title of this year's book is "Stars In Our Hearts."

The books are beautifully bound and the poems are presented very nicely. For an additional $25, the poet is allowed to include his/her bio. I didn't do that.

A few years ago, my poem "Limitations" also made it. The title of that book is "Timeless Voices." I suckered in and bought one that year. My poem appeared on the first page of the book. For those ordering early, the book was on sale for a mere $49.95 plus shipping. I have a feeling that, for whomever is foolish enough to order the book, they put their poem on the first page to make them feel important!

I also have the feeling they just use all the poems that are submitted, but think they are feeding our egos by saying "Your poem made it." So we will buy the book.

Wow, that sounds cynical, doesn't it? My ego is non-existent, so I will not be buying the book.