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Old Cowbelle: Picnic in the park

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Nolan Esanbock. My sincere sympathy to his wife, Katia, and children and his siblings. And to his mother, Joyce (Mrs. Bob) Esanbock, my cousin and dear childhood friend.

So many young people leaving this earth while some of us just live on and on and on. There is an old saying, "Only the good die young."

Should that tell me the reason why I am still here? Our sympathy and prayers continue for the Esanbock family.

Last Friday son Bruce took me with him to attend his daughter Sarina's annual fall family picnic. It took place in a park in New Richmond where staff and residents and their families of the several Paradigm Homes enjoyed a buffet of "subs" and an array of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Tokens were handed out to those who included lots of veggies and fruits in their choices from the buffet. Then the residents could use the tokens to "buy" items from the prize table. Among other things, Sarina chose a pair of cool "shades."

Games were played, like soccer, and later even a "dunk tank" where the residents could throw a ball to unseat the person above the tank. Many of the staff were good sports and landed with a splash in the water.

It is always a fun day for residents of the homes and their families.

Paradigm Services has six such group homes, five in New Richmond and one in River Falls. They all provide a safe, healthy, structured, environment; yet also have a relaxed, homey atmosphere. Granddaughter Sarina feels right at home there.

Church attendance is available to those residents who choose it, and those who are able have the opportunity to work in places like St. Croix Industries. They also enjoy an occasional movie or shopping.


One good reason to welcome the chilly fall weather, is the reason to build a fire in the fireplace.

There is something so soothing about the flickering flames and the warm air wafting over me through the hidden vents and fan. I love to set up a card table in front of it and do hand work. When I have the privilege of having Sarina here for a while when she is visiting her Dad, we love to sit there and play cards.

This means of heat is good for filling in between the air conditioned days and the cold, cold furnace-heating days.


I always thought the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, was kind of odd, but one day on TV he made a good statement.

He said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power ... then we will have peace." But it doesn't seem like that will happen any time soon.