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Old Cowbelle: New Idea? Or Old One?

Over the years, especially when we were a family of six (with extras once in a while), one thing that really irked me, was "tooth paste spit," lingering in the bathroom sink. Everyone was always in such a hurry, and often failed to rinse the toothpaste "spit" down the drain. So usually I was the one who rinsed it after everyone else was out the door and on their way to here and there. By the time I would get to it, the toothpaste would be dried and stuck there! Yuk.

I've never realty noticed other people's bathroom designs, or have not browsed in the construction departments in stores, so maybe my idea is already in use. I've just never seen the idea I had.

Usually, the sink spout doesn't reach the glob of toothpaste, so it's either flush it down with a glass of water or use a wash cloth to get rid of it. Does this ever irk you?

A couple of years ago, I suggested to a good friend, who was doing a bathroom for someone else...why don't you install a sprayer like the ones used by the kitchen sink? Maybe one by each of the double bathroom sinks, or one between the two sinks?

Then each user can spray off their toothpaste "spit," and it would be all clean and ready to go for the next time they would wash their faces. I wish I had thought of that when we built our house those many years ago. It would have saved me hundreds of gagging times, rinsing the stuff down the drain.


Our sympathy to the Hager family with the passing of Ardie (Hager) Johnson recently. Even though I didn't know her well, her kindness always showed through. And I know she must have been a good mother, since her sons carry on that kindness. (Even to old ladies like me.) Our love and prayers to all her family.


If you have good hearing, please cherish every moment of it and send up a prayer of thanks for every tiny little sound that you hear, even the bud crashing kind.

Hearing aids are one of the most wonderful inventions that ever happened. They allow us to live a pretty normal life. Except when they don't work!

When they are "out of sync," they cause unbelievable frustrations. Having adjustments done to make them work as they are intended to is also frustrating because it is so hard to explain to the "adjuster" just what is going on inside the ear. Too loud causes buzzing, or a hollow droning sound. Too low is nothing.

Getting the right balance, using all those buttons and wires and knobs, must take a lot of patience for the technician too. It amazes me that they can do their job at all without having had the "deaf experience."

When my Mom (bless her) first got her hearing aids, she was already a bit confused, and she would insist on "me" turning them up and down, and I wouldn't have a clue what was right for her. She never did get onto how to do it herself, so she must have been quite frustrated too.

But no matter how frustrating hearing aids can be, I thank God every morning when I put them in my ears. I am totally deaf without them. So I won't complain when things get "off kilter" once in a while.


Belated congratulations to Katie Deiss being Ellsworth's Homecoming Queen. I looked in the Herald for a photo of the royalty, but didn't find it.