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Old Cowbelle: Advent ... Waiting

How very different the "waiting for Christmas" means to children, from what it means to adults.

Little ones, all anxious and agog, thinking about what they will "get" for Christmas has such expectations, leading up to the moment when they will rip off the carefully wrapped gifts, enjoying the excitement of it all.

We grown-ups, especially if you are young parents, are thinking ahead how you will possibly supply all these "wants" that the little ones have expressed to you. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do all of that over again. Seems like I was impatient, just trying to get all the daily work done, extra baking, sewing, finding gifts that would be both enjoyable and useful (since there never was an abundance of cash).

Sometimes I wonder if my children look back, thinking that Christmases were fun; or if they only remember me being alternately happy and crabby? Maybe they only remember the good stuff. I hope so.

It seems like the young parents in our family don't seem so stressed as we were back then. They seem to take it all in stride, and rarely seem crabby. Maybe they didn't inherit any of my genes? Maybe they inherited Husband's genes.

I just hope we all chill out, and really enjoy these weeks leading up to Christmas. We all do have Divine help, when we ask for it. If everything isn't just exactly perfect, the house, the food, the gifts, let's just relax and tell ourselves, "All is well. In another month, none of this will matter anyway."

I wish someone would have told me all this about 50 years ago. There is an old saying, "We grow too soon old, and too late smart."



The Christmas rush is upon us now,

Thanksgiving Day is past.

the "Big Day" soon is drawing near,

the time goes by so last!

Oh dear, we need to "do" so much,

to be ready before it's too late.

But the Advent days that have just

begun are saying, instead, to "Wait."

To wait in wonder, for Jesus birth;

the Savior of everyone.

Let's light candle each day 'til then,

for the coming of the Son!

We'll bake our cookies and plan our

gifts, we'll laugh and enjoy each day.

We'll kiss our children and let them

know that we still will take time

to play.

Let's pause in this hectic commercial

time to look past the glitter and glow,

to see Jesus the babe in the manger;

from whom all blessings flow!