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Old Cowbelle: Knitted hats and gun control

Last winter, I enjoyed crocheting prayer shawls. I no longer do, enjoy it or do it. Even though I do have a lot of patience, the prayer shawls take me too long. Maybe I am too slow. I know a friend who can make one in half the time I do.

So I've been looking for another such "cause" to keep my hands busy if and when I watch TV in the evenings. Maybe I will try making hats from all the yarn I have stashed away. I don't do much work in the evenings any more, but like to use those hours doing something useful.

There used to be a "seaman's mission" that gave warm hats to sailors, but I know hats are accepted at Christmas time for local gift projects.

So if I get going on it, that could be my winter project. (It will also take me away from housework or "throwing and tossing" for a while.)


As I write, we haven't heard what kind of "gun control" suggestions will be offered by Vice President Biden and his committee; and what kind of wrangling it will take to pass anything.

I am sure that no one is going to enter people's homes and take away their hunting guns. That would bring a revolt. (Including my family of hunters). But I think some kind of limits should be made on the sale of assault weapons. Why are they sold anyway? No one uses them for hunting, do they? What reasons are there for buying them?

I would hope that there would be some kind of limit to selling those huge rounds of ammunitions. And stricter background checks on who's buying any of it.

I was glad to hear that attention is being drawn to the violent video games offered to the public (which children also gain access to). It seems logical to me that watching these "people killing people" games over and over would de-sensitize the minds of young children, leaving them indifferent to violence of all kinds.

I really can't see a solution that would make everyone safe everywhere, but I hope some laws could improve things a little.

Old Cow, chill! This is not a perfect world, unfortunately. Good to know we can look forward to a perfect our next life.


I like this thing I read one day: "Life is a one way street."