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Old Cowbelle: Birthdays ... Just Keep Coming!

I don't like to have any kind of big shin-dig for my birthday; never have.

My children know this and respect it. But they don't ignore them anyway.

One day, Bruce made a full turkey dinner, and he and Sarina brought it over to my house (he said, so I wouldn't be tempted to do the cleaning up after). It was so good! He makes better gravy than I do; even potatoes that you peel and mash! He's a better cook than I am.

They also came with flowers and a birthday balloon. I don't think I ever had one of those big round, floaty balloons before. He also brought a delicious birthday cake; and he and Sarina had put 86 candles on it.

He brought along a small "torch" to light the candles; and what a blaze that made! I expected the smoke alarm to go off.

Later in the week, another get together, with another delicious birthday cake.

The past week was definitely NOT a diet time. But so fun!

Our children are so good to me, every day of the year; not only on birthdays. I sure hope they know how much I appreciate all they do for me (especially since I am not a rich old lady; and there's nothing in it for them!).

I thought maybe we should ignore my birthday this year because I am now only 14 years away from 100! Scary! Good reason to ignore it?


Other family birthdays we celebrate are: Isaac's on the 27th of January, Ella Mae's on the 1st of February, Chloe Jo's on the 2nd of February, Sonia's on the 22nd, Melanie's on the 26th and Dianne's on the 28th. Also some anniversaries: Sandy and Terry's on the 14th, and Beth and Pat's on the 16th. (Wow, I hope I got those all correct!)

While I was still actively doing Hospice visits for Adoray, I read the following poem to an elderly gentleman who had just had a birthday. He was feeling very depressed and talked about how his birthday was meaningless. After I had read it, he took my hand and said, "Thank you so much. That is just what I needed to hear." And I silently thanked the Lord for giving me the words.



When the sun goes down

at the end of the day

and the light in the sky grows dim;

I think of the hours now lost to me.

But I'm one day closer to Jesus,

my Lord,

one day closer to Him.

I'll try not to dwell on the days

gone by,

and the things I neglected to do.

For the past is behind me,

I can't bring it back;

but I can start each morning anew,

bringing me one day closer to

seeing my Lord,

one day closer to Him!

Now that another birthday is past,

and a new year for me will begin;

I can go forward with hope

in my heart

because I'm a WHOLE YEAR

closer to Him!

EDITOR'S NOTE: We wish Ina a Happy Belated Birthday from all of us at the Herald.