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Old Cowbelle: Cars

When I was in grade school (waaaaay back), the greatest rivalry among students was what kind of car their parents drove. Mostly Ford or Chevrolet. Very few people in the neighborhood had "big cars" like Oldsmobile, Buick, Chrysler...and no one owned a Cadillac.

Most of our relatives owned Fords and the Chevy people would call them "tin cans," etc. I don't remember what our comeback was. How silly!

Today, our family members drive an assortment of vehicles, Fords, Chevrolets, Dodge trucks and others, and I can't tell what they are without seeing the sign on them.

Husband was partial to Buicks. Before he was discharged from the Army, he had ordered a Buick, the kind with the three holes on the side of the hood. At the time, even cars were rationed and it was necessary to put in an order. The order came through after we were married and, although we were pretty "poor," and had to make monthly payments, we sure enjoyed that car.

Husband bought some kind of amber-colored "winged" hood ornament. Wow! Was that ever special!

Later, my brother Bob came along with another Buick, the kind with four holes on the side of the hood, which was even more special!

Our old green Buick served us for a lot of years, and even when it had been sitting in a junk yard in Olivet, we could see that the paint was still intact, so it must have had a good paint job.

During our "increasing family" years, kind of lean farm years when money was scarce, we had several "less than special" cars and/or trucks. Then, when farm prices improved, Husband returned to his first love, another Buick, and we went through several of those.

The last Buick we owned took us back and forth to the Veterans Hospital for several years, and that took its toll. One time as I left the hospital to go home (in the dark), it stalled right in the middle of traffic. I almost had a panic attack, but it revived and I went on my way.

That old Buick began to be sick about the same time as Husband did, and it was then he began to hanker for a "Ford Taurus." I don't know why the switch.

So, on one of his "better days," about a year before he died, we drove to Amery and traded in our Buick and bought a new white Ford Taurus with red interior. He was like a little kid because we were able to pay for it without making "car payments." The first time in our lives.

As we drove it home, Husband made the comment, "Well, Ma, now if I kick the bucket, you will have a nice car to drive."

And he did, and I did (for many years).

Unfortunately, when old women don't have a garage to put their car in, and they don't drive far enough and fast enough, the cars get wet on the underside and don't have a chance to dry out, usually rusting away under there. It happened to that Taurus and an Oldsmobile I had later.

And now, my red Ford Taurus is sitting out there, and I am not driving far enough nor fast enough for it to dry out underneath. Seems I can hear the rusting taking place, but I hope it will outlive my driving years anyway.