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Old Cowbelle: Each Easter Sunday

I look into the past and see

our small ones,

crisp and shiny in home-sewn outfits

and polished shoes.

I feel the excitement of this

Blessed day as I see the sun come up

brighter than yesterday,

and I feel JOY!

I look back beyond those days and see

another Mother,

face upturned and filled with awe,

her grief of yesterday wiped

clean away!

Today her battered Son is whole again

and lives

for you, for me!

Because of this I look ahead

and see the day when Jesus comes

to claim His own, His everyone.

For it is everyone He died to save,

and give to each His gift of life!

I weep for those of the everyone

who turn away and reject

His timeless gift!

Copyright 1978 Ina Murray