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Old Cowbelle: After Easter Sunday

The days and weeks before Easter are so filled with significance that it almost feels like "let down" on Easter Monday, but Easter is not over just because Easter Sunday has come and gone.

Easter is a year-long, life-long celebration of life--His life, our lives. Easter is the reason we can all rejoice in what the future will hold for us when our days on earth are over.

All because He loves us enough to hang on the cross for our sins, and then rise to glory, as we will, if we continue to believe in Him.

No matter what kinds of heartaches we have to endure, no matter how difficult life is sometimes, we have a great future to look forward to.

Makes life worth living, doesn't it?

* * * * * *

I find it baffling how some people are so "hung up" on brand names. Especially in clothes.

What earthly difference does it make if you wear a pair of jeans with a designer label, when the label is usually sewn in to the waistband, or a blouse with the label sewn under the collar and doesn't show anyway.

Occasionally, I have bought something with an impressive label (on sale) and I feel no different. What is it supposed to do for me? Make me feel superior? Is it supposed to make me a better person? If so, it doesn't work for me.

Maybe those kinds of garments are constructed better? I guess I am not very discriminatory, so I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Maybe it's the old age thing; no interest in competing; just struggle to be clean and as presentable as is possible. (With what I have to work with.)

Oh, well. We all have our individual idiosyncrasies. (Like my obsession with the white thing in the egg.)

* * * * * *

Our sincere sympathy to the families of Carole Jensen and Frank Goodwin.


So many people come in to our lives, some come and go, but some come in and stay forever. Such was my friend Mercedes Carole Jenson. And now she has gone on ahead of me. I will miss her so!

Carole and I go back a long way. We shared the same last name, Olson. We both attended Spring Valley High School. She was in the same year as my brother Harvey; I was in the same year as her brother Harold (Blackie); we each had a brother Bob Olson.

After graduation, we went our separate ways, both worked in Minneapolis before marriage, but reconnected here in the El Paso area, where we went to the same church, Our Savior's. Our children went to the same school, first the old El Paso School on the hill. Then at Sunnyside, and later Junior and Senior High. Her son Mark and our son Bruce have been friends (and still are) since first grade.

Her daughter Mary and our daughter Sonia were buddies all through school, and still are friends.

Our families have been connected by so many things, the men with their hunting, having chili at Carole's between times. Carole and I working in the church stand on the same shifts, and at funerals.

Carole and I were both on the library board at church, worked on the Lutefisk Supper Gift Shop for many years and served Circle together.

We shared our faith, and through the years we have also shared our joys and sorrow. We lost our husbands at almost the same time.

Carole has been like a sister to me, and since I never had one, I cherished her friendship. She was one of the kindest people I have known. I hope I can continue to see her children often, to remind me of the wonderful friend their mother was.

I can only imagine what a wonderful Easter Carole is enjoying!