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Old Cowbelle: Amateur 'Shrink'

Sometimes, don't you think it would be interesting to be a psychiatrist, or a psychic; learn what goes on the minds of people? Fascinating in a way.

Like the two brothers in the Boston Marathon bombings. I really don't think it's right to blame parents for what their children do, but don't you wonder about their childhood? Were they violent? Do you think they enjoyed pulling the wings off from flies? Or kicking the cat?

I wonder what kind of environment they grew up in. Or what influenced them later in their lives.

I think kids do "soak up" what they see and hear in their homes. Like, our children, as they grew up, must have observed that their Mom was (still is) kind of odd. Back then, I was always trying to do something different. Like, making artificial corsages out of some kind of soft colorful fabric that we could buy in the shape of flower petals, with leaves to go with it. We made them by winding them around a wire, covering that with green floral tape.

In those days, it was fashionable to wear a little floral "thing" right where our blouses buttoned to the neck. (Sounds kind of weird now). My good friend and sister-in-law, Violet taught me how to do it. She also taught me how to decorate cakes, wedding, etc.; and how to make those panorama sugar eggs with the scene inside. (Sugar all over the floor for the kids and Husband to crunch through--irritated.)

And all those other odd things I used to do: paint on rocks, small ones and large Welcome rocks (that I could hardly lift, but would haul them home in the back of the pickup from some farmer's rock pile); use lots of gas chasing down a feature story for newspapers or selling Rainbow vacuum cleaners; or wasting hours painting pictures, while the dust would gather. Seems like I wasted half of my life.

Maybe our children, observing all that, must have determined never to be like that. Maybe they observed and kept their Dad's level headed sanity, and that must be why they all turned out to be pretty sane, level headed people.


May is filled with friends and family birthdays and other occasions to celebrate! Fern's on the 10th; Austin's on the 11th; Trent's and his mother-in-law, Terry on the 15th. On the 20th, Nathan, Blakely, Audrey, Esther K.; Elaine's on the 30th; and Shannon's on the 31st. Besides Our Savior's Confirmation day and Ellsworth High School graduation, including Dustin.

Other dates of dear ones who have gone on: On the 3rd, Husband left and went "Home," also Greg on the 13th. I remember those past birthdays, my brother Bob's on the 4th; my Dad's on the 14th; Florence N, also on the 14th; our wedding anniversary on the 17th; my brother Harvey's and his son Greg's on the 18th.

Okay, so I guess it's true that old folk tend to live in the past sometimes.


Sharing a "recipe" for air freshener that costs almost nothing. Thanks, Shannon!

1/8 cup fabric softener; 2 T. baking soda; Pour into a spray bottle, and fill with warm tap water, and shake. Cleansing and smells good!